BFF's Guide to Wedding Dress Alterations

Hey there!

I'm Steph, your Bridal BFF.  I've been a Bridal Seamstress for over 8 years. I'm  Fashion School Drop Out who will expose the Cheap & Dirty Secrets of the Wedding Fashion Industry so you can navigate it on a budget (and still look like a million bucks)!

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So, the hunt is officially over!  You've found the Wedding Dress of your dreams!  You said YES! to the dress!  NOW WHAT?!

Saying YES! to your dream dress is really just the first step in looking stunning on your wedding day.  Having your dress tailored to hug your curves in all the right places is a step that you ABSOLUTELY can NOT skip!  (and NO I'm not just saying this)  

POV: You try THE dress on at the Bridal Shop and fall head over heals in love.  You cry, your BFF cries, Mom cries (everyone cries).  Place the order, wait forever to get it in and when it finally comes, you try it on again... Only to find that it doesn't quite hit the same as last time.  I COMPLETELY understand how overwhelming that feeling can be.  Girl, take a deep breath.  Repeat after me, "It's going to be perfect soon".  Then call your local Bridal Seamstress

Bridal Seamstresses are finely tuned sewing machines (hehehe) and they usually are booked out months in advance.  Call as soon as you have your dress in hand.  You will typically need three fittings before your wedding dress is ready to be worn on your wedding day! Every wedding dress should be altered, even if it’s only a little, just to ensure a proper and graceful fit! Completely depending on what your wedding dress needs during the alteration process, you can expect to spend somewhere from $100 to $1,000 on your wedding dress alterations. The entire alteration process is usually completed in two to three fittings, with the first fitting lasting about an hour.  

This first fitting is where everything gets addressed!

You will need the following items for that first fitting:

  • Bridal Gown
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Undergarments 

This is where you will bring up any idea you've had about changing anything on your dress.  Your seamstress will guide you on these ideas!

Hopefully this demystifies Bridal Gown Alterations a bit. 

Being prepared and budgeting for alterations will make your process painless!

Any more questions?  Leave them in the comments!