Best Adhesive Bras for backless Dresses & Gowns

Bras are such a mystery!  Slipping straps, back gaping, over-flowage... and now you need one that is backless or strapless or BOTH!  HELP!

OK Babe, I've got you.  Let's demystify adhesive bras TOGETHER!  This guide will help if you are wearing sundresses, clubbing or getting all fancied up!  

As a professional bridal seamstress (and Fashion School Drop out), I've literally taken whole ass college classes on bras.  And yes, they are a mystery.  I've compiled a list of the ones I recommend to brides, mothers, prom goers, pageant girls and bridesmaids.  

I'm gonna pop the affiliate link in for each one.  The prices won't change for you and Ill get a little cut. But seriously, these are the ones I always suggest as a Professional Bridal Seamstress.  

No. 1: The Classic (Best for Small Busts that won't a lift)

The classic is exactly what you'll find in stores and probably what you picture when thinking of adhesive bras.  It's the almost naked, but smooth and covered option.


If you are smaller chested (and don't need any lifting) this one is great!  They are reusable, the adhesive holds up forever and they definitely do the job.

You'll get an almost naked feel, but covered.  Works best under bias cut silk tops or dresses or really anything SILKY and FLOWY

CONS: Your girls won't get a lift.  Bigger busts won't fit and probably won't stay.

Can't wear these with something super tight because they'll end up shifting!


No. 2 The Lifter (Best for Moms, Medium Bust):

The Lifter is best for moms, aging cougars (I mean, Ladies) and anyone needing a boost. 

PROS: They are reusable and washable (like The Classic) and they have a little TAB to pull the girls up and stick them there!  Like magic! 

CONS: The TAB may show  depending on the cut of the dress (you can cut them down with a pair of scissors).

No. 3: Overall Champion Top Pick: The BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

This BRA is brilliant! 


It has all over adhesive to keep the girls in their place. 

Deep cut fits under most necklines

Underwire provides the lift and structure under more fitted tops and dresses


Little bit bulkier (like a real bra)

See, painless bra choosing!  Now, go forth and wear all the backless shirts and dresses!